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Modern Style Outdoor Furniture works with All Weather Cushions

These cushions can be left outdoors throughout the entire season. These cushions are produced from high-quality synthetic products; when it rains the water goes through the cushion cover and into the inner cushion. By pressing down on the cushion or placing the cushions on their sides, the cushions will be dry in a relatively short period of time.

All Weather Cushions

To clean the inner cushions, you remove the cushion cover and clean the inner cushion using a mild detergent. You can clean the cushion cover with Golden Care Textilene and Wicker Cleaner (available from Modern Style), this is a cleaner for open-woven fabrics and wicker.

The outer cover can also be cleaned at 30 degrees in the washing machine, with a small amount of laundry detergent. The advice is then to only wash 1 cover at a time.
Instructions for use Textilene and Wicker Cleaner
  • The cleaner is ready to use and can be sprayed directly onto the furniture.
  • Allow the cleaner to take effect for 30 seconds.
  • Remove the dirt with a sponge or soft scourer.
  • Rinse the surface with water.

Sunbrella cushions

The Sunbrella cushions can also remain outdoors for the entire season; the fabric feels like an “ordinary” interior fabric, but has the properties which allow it to remain outdoors in all weather conditions.

One of the best ways of ensuring that your Sunbrella Textilene continues to look good and to postpone extensive maintenance or a major clean is to maintain the fabric correctly. You do this by immediately wiping off any dirt and stains before they are absorbed by the fabric.


General and minor maintenance 

Immediately wipe away the dirt and stains using a soft brush or cloth. Thorough cleaning: 
  • Create a detergent solution using 60 ml of mild soap and 4 litres of tepid water (below 40 degrees Celsius).
  • Clean using a soft brush and allow the solution to soak into the fabric for a short while.
  • Rinse thoroughly and then allow the fabric to dry in the open air.
Even more thorough cleaning for stubborn stains and fungi.

Sunbrella fabrics are specially treated to prevent fungus growth. Nevertheless, fungi can still grow on dirt or other foreign substances that remain on the fabric.

To remove fungi or other stubborn stains:
  • Create a solution using 240 ml of liquid bleach and 60 ml of mild soap for 4 litres of clean water. Spray the solution onto the fabric and allow this to soak into the fabric for a short while.