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Getting the colour of your outdoor furniture right

Your outdoor area is so much more than just a place to sit down after a long day, which is why it needs furniture that will complement it. Great outdoor furniture means you can open the doors, extend your home, and utilise the outdoor space to dine, relax and spend time with loved friends and family in a setting as stylish as your indoors.

Maintaining a complementary colour scheme

Outdoor furniture helps set the tone for your patio, porch, balcony, or deck, and you need to keep a complementary colour scheme between the indoor and the outdoor spaces. You want the colours of the house to flow outdoors and create a harmonious and peaceful environment, not jar or grate.

At Modern Style Outdoor Furniture, we offer loads of design and décor ideas to help you create just the right outdoor space, and in terms of colour, you don’t have to be limited to natural wood or wicker.

Laos chair white

Designing the great outdoors your way

There are of course no rules that dictate how we “should” design our outdoor spaces. The easy-to-care-for furnishings we sell at Modern Style that only need a quick wipe-down every so often, and the weather-resistant outdoor fabrics on our cushions mean the world is your oyster.

And speaking of oysters, while there’s no end to the colours available, I think it is still hard to go past white outdoor furniture. Fresh and inviting, white is the colour that lets the design of the furniture do the talking. And it is that super-chic non-colour that goes with everything.

If you want a bright outdoor space that goes with all the colours surrounding it, white outdoor furniture can often be the answer.

A monochrome look makes a strong character statement and means you can vary the seat models and even mix and match from multiple collections. When you’re consistent on colour, you don’t have to be consistent on style. It’s another way for you to personalise your outdoor setting. As a rule of thumb though, you should generally start by choosing the colour of your table, since it’s the biggest item of furniture in your set. Next, you should focus on the colour of the seats. We suggest having at least two seats in the same colour as your table, so as to get the balance right.

You can go for white wicker patio furniture or white wooden chairs and tables and then supplement with brown wicker or teak patio furniture.

Cushions, pillows, and accent pieces in a variety of colours can add those perfect finishing touches to your design.

Amazone White Coffee Tables

White Outdoor Furniture From Modern Style

One reason that interior designers love white is that it can be combined with almost any other colour. Here are some fine white outdoor furniture sets from Moderns Style. You can embrace the beach vibe with white cove chairs, get a clean nautical look or choose tables where the weathered grey ‘planks’ lend interest to the white frame or go for the sofas where the bright coloured cushions are offset by the clean white frames.