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All weather cushions for outdoor furniture

  • Get sick and tired of rushing out and bringing in your outdoor cushions every time it looks like rain?
  • Tired of forgetting to put your cushions away at night?
  • Short of storage space on your deck and don’t want to look at piles of outdoor cushions lying around?

The cushions for outdoor furniture that we sell at Modern Style can be left outdoors.

Style your outdoor lounge or dining setting with cushions made from French Sunbrella® high performance fabric and they’ll look great all your round, and last for years.

Compared to other outdoor fabrics, Sunbrella is longer lasting and easier to clean and maintain. Sunbrella fabric feels like an ordinary cotton fabric but has properties which allow it to remain outdoors in all weather conditions.

High performance Sunbrella® fabric is UV, water and mildew resistant. Sunbrella will last ten times longer than cotton outdoor fabrics and is great for all furniture, both for indoor and outdoor cushions. The durability of Sunbrella ensures that it will endure both sun and extreme weather.

luxury outdoor furniture cushions

Benefits of Sunbrella® include:

  • Long lasting, fade resistant colours
  • 100% acrylic fibre gives excellent abrasion resistance and makes the fabric immune to mildew and highly resistant to rot
  • Colours and fibres that are highly resistant to UV rays
  • A soft cotton canvas feel
  • High resistance to soiling and easy cleaning.

Fade resistant outdoor cushions

A 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric, Sunbrella does not fade. The patented fibres use colour to the core technology, making Sunbrella the most popular fabric for outdoor cushions. Traditional dyeing processes only leave colour on the surface of fibres, so they fade easily. Sunbrella fibres are saturated to the core with highly UV-stable pigments, making Sunbrella fabrics resistant to fading and the degrading effects of sunlight.

Water resistant outdoor cushions

With Sunbrella® you get the softness and good looks of cotton canvas, with the longevity and fade resistance of an acrylic. Basically, acrylics are hydrophobic, so don’t absorb water. However, the ‘cotton-like’ weave of the fabric allows moisture to escape and the fabric to breathe.

Essentially, when it rains the water goes through the cushion cover and into the inner cushion. By pressing down on the cushion or placing the cushions on their sides, the cushions will be dry in a relatively short period of time.

What is quick dry foam?

Quick Dry Foam is the core foam used inside all our outdoor cushions. The foam is specifically engineered with large open pores. They allow for maximum water drainage and air circulation and a quick drying process. After being damp, or even saturated, the cushion dries quickly.

The foam inside the cushion is extremely sturdy and durable, yet still has a luxurious, plush, supportive feel. Quick Dry Foam means our cushions for outdoor furniture keep their shape, are strong, comfortable, extremely sturdy and made to last.

Built in anti-microbial protection prohibits the growth of mould, mildew and fungus, even when the cushion is allowed to be left outdoors for long periods of time.

Lie back, relax and think of … nothing

There are so many benefits to outdoor cushions with Sunbrella fabrics. You feel relaxed knowing your outdoor cushions will remain dry, comfortable, and keep their colour and shape in all ranges of weather conditions throughout the year.

Enjoy your outdoor furniture for longer without having to replace cushions, worry about fading, racing around bringing cushions inside and out, needing extra cushion storage or loads of maintenance.

Modern Style cushions offer the perfect mix: good looks and functionality to complement your outdoor furniture suite.

No more paying retail. No more sacrificing quality for outdoor furniture.

Modern Style Outdoor Furniture sources the best design trends from leading manufacturers as well as developing our own designs for the New Zealand environment. You’re sure to find something you love.

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