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Gas Pizza Ovens

Want to serve incredible pizzas at home, but you’ve limited space or you’re not really interested in the hassle of chopping and burning stuff? At Modern Style we have just the solution for you.

Get an Ooni gas pizza oven and you can forget about chopping wood, lugging logs about or having to order timber for your oven. Forget about the fuss of lighting fires, simply twist the dial and you’re away cooking.

Ooni gas pizza ovens are ideal for anyone who wants a simple pizza oven for smaller gatherings, quick, fun dinners for the family, or even for pizza addicts who need their crispy, gooey pizza fix but with minimal effort.

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gas pizza ovens outdoor

Ooni Koda gas pizza ovens

Pizza making is a great way to have fun family time together. It’s those shared experiences that bring people together. Ooni Koda gas-powered outdoor pizza ovens are all about stone-baking so you can enjoy truly epic pizzas and delicious flame-cooked steaks, fish and veggies at home.

Fussy about your crusts? According to many pizza experts, in the much more economical gas pizza oven, the crust is cooked more evenly, so you don’t get the charcoaly, burnt bits on one edge, and a mushy crust on the other.

The probem with getting good pizzas at home is heat; many pizza ovens just don’t get hot enough. For thinner crusts there is no substitute for that truly piping hot cooking environment. Ooni pizza ovens reach up to 500°C – the blazing heat needed for cooking stone-baked, perfect pizza – in 60 seconds.

Why choose to cook with gas?

Your time is precious, so make it count. The Ooni Koda pizza ovens we sell can fire out jaw-dropping pizzas in 60 seconds flat. 

Gas ovens are far easier to operate than a wood-fire oven as you literally turn them on, let them heat up, put your pizzas in and watch them cook away.

When you’ve finished gobbling up as many pizzas as you can fit, just turn the oven off. Simple. No cleaning out all the ash after you’ve finished. Gas fired pizza ovens are simply a cleaner way to cook pizzas outdoors.

Gas pizzas ovens retain the joy and energy of live flame, while being incredibly easy to use. With our Ooni Koda pizza ovens, simply switch on the instant gas ignition, and you’ll be ready to cook in 20 minutes. 

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We deliver pizza ovens NZ wide

You can shop with us from anywhere in New Zealand online and enjoy secure payments. Alternatively, you can have your outdoor pizza oven delivered to our outdoor furniture shop in Auckland, Tauranga or Christchurch.