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See the latest outdoor furniture trends from Modern Design

GET IN THE MOOD  – The Latest in Sleek Design and Comfort.


Fixed seat cushions on either Teak or Aluminium frames showcases the slim line this product has to offer. Upholstered in Sunbrella fade resistant fabric with the quick dry foam this masterpiece is dry in minutes.

Back cushions are Sunbrella as well which consists of a waterproof lining filled with fibrefill and not forgetting the Textilene breather for air circulation and slippage.

This low seated setting with the overall height being 730mm (including those durable quick dry foam back cushions) creates the outdoor flow required and allows for those uninterrupted views.

Colour options in the new Carbon Beige Sunbrella or the Sooty Sunbrella with the new Teak combination works well to create this stunning piece. Having the new edged version coffee table included in this package also highlights the minimalism of this product.

Classic timeless slimline wildly sophisticated.

Call it what you want but this little beauty has all the style and comfort you will need.

Coral has aluminium frame in either black or grey also comes in teak and what a statement piece this makes.

The use of the Sunbrella or Sunproof fabrics famous for their fade and water resistance coupled with the quick dry foam system sets this chair apart. Range of colours in either Carbon Beige Sooty or Charcoal adds to the delight of this chair.

Lightweight for ease and flexibility this all round chair completes the decor whether placed inside or out bringing together an all year round form style and function to your space.

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