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Caring for your outdoor cushions

The outdoor furniture cushions we sell at Modern Style are made from materials to ensure that they can cope with rain, sun and dust. We use Sunbrella which is a high-performance outdoor fabric used extensively in outdoor furniture and the marine industry worldwide as well as for awnings and umbrellas. Sunbrella is engineered to the highest levels of design and performance.

nz outdoor funritureSunbrella is absolutely one of the better outdoor fabrics available and is what is known as a “solution dyed” material. Although they are engineered to resist fading, moisture, mould and mildew, these cushions are water-resistant not waterproof, and as we all know it rains heaps in New Zealand over winter.

Sadly, being water-resistant does not mean your cushions can join you in the pool or sit outside, vulnerable, and exposed during winter’s heavy rainfalls.

Our outdoor patio cushions are designed to be relatively durable and weather-resistant, but can squabs and cushions be left outside all the time? Sorry, but no. It’s not a good idea to leave outdoor cushions outside unprotected over winter or to set and forget them without regular cleaning,

It may be safe to leave patio cushions outside in certain conditions, such as in mild weather, but stormy winter weather can damage your cushions. If water just beads and rolls off, as it will during showers, you don’t need to worry. If rain continuously hits the cushion or pools on top of it, as it will during a heavy downpour, you’ll want to get them under cover as quickly as you can.

weatherproof outdoor cushionsTherefore, when it comes to outdoor cushion care over winter, recommend your removable squabs and cushions be brought inside or put under water-resistant covers.

Our cushions are made with quick-drying foam that has pores that allow water and air to easily flow through them. They are also constructed with an antimicrobial agent to protect the foam from mould, but over time, any material that is constantly wet will deteriorate in appearance and integrity. Also, you will get a wet behind when you sit down.

Before packing up your cushions for storage, make sure they are clean and completely dry.

But having your cushions inside needn’t stop you from using your outdoor furniture over winter. Simply, pick a nice day, pull out those squabs and cushions and sit right down. You and your family will be happy you did.

If you have any more questions on outdoor cushion care, simply get in touch. We’re here to help.