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Let’s talk outdoor cushions ….

To cushion or not to cushion

When choosing to buy outdoor furniture, one decision to make is whether to have cushions or not.

Outdoor cushions, certainly add comfort, and good looks. You can lift your outdoor furniture to the next level by dressing it up with comfortable cushions and incorporating colour and texture, but they do come with certain maintenance issues.

At Modern furniture, we sell furniture that’s comfortable without cushions, which does have advantages if you live in a particularly windy part of New Zealand or have a rooftop or terrace where cushions are liable to blow around.

But not all of us are willing to go without cushions as we love our outdoor furniture to be super comfortable. Soft and pliable cushions in amazing outdoor fabrics and a range of colours and patterns can really add character to an outdoor space.

If you’re not sure whether outdoor cushions are right for you, read on as we go through some of the options.

Sun-resistant cushions

For fade-resistant outdoor cushions that don’t degrade in the sun, choose a solution-dyed acrylic, such as Sunbrella® which has a soft cotton canvas feel. In Sunbrella® fabrics, the colours are integral to the yarn rather than being dyed or printed later in the process.

Fabrics, like Sunbrella®, are hydrophobic, which mean they don’t absorb water. So even though it has a ‘cotton-like’ weave, Sunbrella® fabric lets moisture escape and the fabric can breathe.

Sunbrella® outdoor cushions can easily last up to a decade, twice the lifespan of most other performance fabrics.

Quick dry cushions

For cushions that won’t be soggy for days after a downpour, look for inserts that use quick-drying foam. The reticulated or open-cell foam in the cushions we sell at Modern Styles allows water to pass through quickly and for cushions to dry out quickly in the sun.

After being damp, or even saturated, these cushions dry in a relatively short period of time.

Built in anti-microbial protection in the foam prohibits the growth of mould, and fungi, even when the cushions are left outside for extended periods.

What about storage?

A lot of outdoor furniture can be left out all year long, but to preserve cushions as long as possible, and to ensure that they’ll be dry when you want to use them, some folk prefer to store them when they’re not in use. A good tip is to store your cushions inside a large empty bean bag which makes it quick and easy to store them inside in case of rain. Others recommend protecting outdoor furniture with covers.

However, both these approaches are somewhat labour intensive and may discourage the more inherently lazy among us from using our outdoor spaces on days when we can’t be bothered to putting out the cushions or uncovering the furniture. (I’m guilty). My approach is that if my outdoor cushions occasionally get damp, then so be it. I personally prefer to slightly wet when I sit than look at piles of cushions lying around indoors or have storage boxes and have to put your cushions away at night or take on the challenge of staying ahead of our ever-changing weather and bringing cushions in every time it looks like rain.

An alternative and more laid-back approach is to leave the furniture and cushions out and uncovered for most of the year but cover or store them when you won’t be using them for extended periods of time, such during the heart winter, for instance, or when you’re away from home for a while.

Choose quality outdoor cushions from Modern Style and you too can take this less stressful approach. Modern Style Sunbrella® cushions offer the perfect mix of good looks and longevity that will complement your outdoor furniture for years.

No more paying retail. No more sacrificing quality for outdoor furniture

Modern Style Outdoor Furniture sources the best design trends from leading manufacturers as well as developing our own designs for the New Zealand environment. You’re sure to find something you love.

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