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Outdoor Dining Furniture

Eating alfresco is one of the great joys in life, well, we think so. What could be better than sitting outside on a glorious morning or beautiful evening with delicious food, drinks or nibbles, glorious guests, and fantastic furniture?

At Modern Style Outdoor Furniture in Auckland, we sell outdoor dining furniture suited to our New Zealand climate and have been supplying quality outdoor dining suites that we have personally designed, manufactured and sourced directly since 2011.

outdoor dining table and chairs

Invest in high quality outdoor dining furniture from us and you’ll know it can withstand the elements and it won’t disintegrate. We only use state-of-the-art materials in all the outdoor dining tables, chairs and benches we sell. You can also be assured that we have avoided many of the design flaws common to  the sort of outdoor dining furniture you can buy in mass lots on the Internet and get shipped from overseas.

With chairs, benches, tables and cushions in a range of styles, we have something for everyone. Read on and find out about some of the points we take into consideration when we design the outdoor furniture Auckland families, friends and guests love to live on.

Let’s talk about outdoor chairs …

You and your guests will want to relax into beautiful chairs as they’re enjoying their food and fine company. You can choose chairs designed to match your dining table or mix it up a little bit and go for eclectic, alternative designs. We can help you choose.

If you prefer a complete dining suite – a table that comes with two, four, or six matching chairs – we can sort you out with that, too.

There is nothing more off-putting, and sometimes embarrassing, than seating that slides around every time you sit down. Some outdoor chairs on the market are so lightweight that, unless you suit down very carefully, they skate away from you.

Our outdoor chairs are not so horribly lightweight and flimsy that they do this. Nor are the legs on the chairs so skinny they can easily sink into the gaps on your deck. Very skinny chair legs mean you have to vigilant about where you place your chair and constantly have to remind guests to be careful and make sure they don’t get trapped when they try pull their chairs out.

weatherproof outdoor cushions

The centerpiece of your dining – the table

It’s pretty important to get just the right table for the type of dining experience you most want to create. For more formal meals and dinner parties you might want a longer table, with rounded or square ends.

Lower tables are better for relaxing and enjoying a casual munch, while higher tables are better for slightly more formal gatherings.

Most important though, is the overall size of your dining table and how much space you will need when it’s surrounded with chairs. You will need enough space on your deck or patio to comfortably hold the table and chairs, while allowing people to move around easily.

If you want to install a patio umbrella for lunches and brunches, you will want a dining table with a center hole. We can help with that …..

White aluminium outdoor chair

What about outdoor cushions?

To dine in comfort, you need the right cushions or umbrella. All our cushions and patio umbrellas are made of durable Sunbrella® fabric, manufactured to stay looking great outside all year-round.

These cushions and umbrellas are weather and fade resistant. Sunbrella® is high performance fabric which is highly UV, water and mildew resistant, so these cushions can be left fully exposed outdoors. Made from Quick Dry Foam, the insides of all our outdoor cushions allow for maximum drainage of water. They shed water quickly, so they dry out quickly after one of those ever-so-frequent Auckland showers. Our cushions come in a variety of colours and patterns, so you’re sure to find something to suit.



outdoor dining sets on sale


Buy from Modern Style in Auckland and you will be buying quality outdoor dining furniture at a great price. With our accessible Auckland furniture showrooms, you can find what you’re looking for in person, or you can order online and have it delivered to you. We deliver across Auckland or you can pick it up from our showroom on the North Shore. Buying outdoor dining furniture from Modern Style couldn’t be easier.