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There are many reasons why there is such a price difference between indoor and outdoor furniture. Take our Coast range for instance. For very good reasons, there is a large variance when you compare indoor to outdoor furniture. Both in the manufacture and the fabrics and products that are used.

The reasons below sets out why you might pay more for outdoor furniture as opposed to indoor furniture.

  1. The Synthetic rattan we use in our Piha and Muriwai range is a costly material. It needs UV stabilisers in order for it to perform in an all weather environment, which ours does. This eliminates and ensures there is no cracking and splitting. Our Rino Rattan is hand woven. There is at least a week’s worth of labour content in the weaving of our typical rattan outdoor Lounge settings.
  2. Quick Dry Foam is the core inside of the outdoor cushion. The quick dry foam is specifically engineered as a high performance foam. The large open pores have revolutionised outdoor furniture allowing maximum drainage of water and dries easily because it allows air circulation.
  3. We use Sunbrella fabric which is designed to be left outdoors all year round. Sunbrella is a solution dyed acrylic which is mildew, fade resistant, and backed up by the manufacturers 5 year warranty. If you put your indoor lounge furniture out in the sun it is likely to fade within a matter of weeks. West Coast, and Mood are our fully upholstered latest on trend designs.
  4. Indoor furniture can be put together by using a cheaper wood and staples. The frames we use are made with Aluminium. Aluminium is non rusting and is an expensive raw material. The whole frame is powder coated which delivers a very tough finished product as is with our Coast, Gemini, Block, & Oasis.
So yes… with the reasons set out above, if you want your outdoor furniture to perform well, it will be more costly than one designed for indoor use. The outdoor furniture has to perform well in all of the elements…. sun, wind and rain. It is well worth the investment to have peace of mind with our extensive range of outdoor furniture.