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There is plenty of outdoor furniture out on the market but none is as luxurious, durable, and beautiful as teak.  Teak is a type of wood, found in south and Southeast Asia.  The wood carries many benefits that make teak one of the most sought after materials for outdoor living products.  If you haven’t heard of or seen teak before, you’re definitely missing out.

Natural Properties

Teak naturally produces rubber and oils that keep it from rotting.  These oils and rubber also protect against water damage and insects.  In nature, it makes the tree especially hardy and those properties are still present once the wood has been harvested.  Outdoor furniture made from teak is naturally resistant to mould and mildew, water staining, and insect infestation, without you having to treat it, making it the perfect material for outdoor furniture.

Beautiful Colour

New teak furniture is a beautiful colour.  If you love the colour of new teak, you’ll want to look for furniture options that are sealed to help the wood retain its colour.  Unfinished teak will weather to a silvery grey over time.  The weathered look is equally beautiful and many people prefer the look of their furniture after a few seasons. The benefit of pre-weathered teak is that the furniture will remain the same colour it was when you purchased it.

To keep your teak looking new, you’ll need to treat it regularly.  Sealants can help prevent and slow weathering of your teak and your furniture store can help you choose the best sealant for what you want.  Think about where your furniture is located.  If it’s indoors, it may not fade at all.  If it’s under a covered area, fading will happen much more slowly than teak that’s out in the sun.  Sealants could promote mould and mildew growth so be sure to do your research before you buy.


Another great reason to buy teak is because it is sustainably farmed.  When teak was first made popular, the high demand caused deforestation and the exploitation of indigenous and local people.  Unfortunately, these practices continue today but many distributors are working to ensure that teak is a sustainable resource.  Teak is now grown and harvested on plantations and certified teak is readily available.

To be certified, a plantation needs to follow stringent requirements in growth, harvesting, and dealing with employees.

Modern Style Outdoor Furniture is proud to offer a selection of recycled, certified, teak outdoor settings in Auckland and Tauranga stores.  We only deal with products that are of the highest quality from start to finish.  Let Modern Style outfit your outdoor space with the teak furniture you need.  When you purchase teak outdoor furniture from Modern Style, you can be confident you’re making a purchase that will last for years to come.