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Buy Outdoor Furniture in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton and Christchurch or Online

It isn’t that easy to buy new furniture, let alone online. What if it doesn’t match your other furniture? How do you know for sure whether it will fit into your outdoor space? And most importantly, will this piece of furniture really meet your expectations?

Buying outdoor furniture online made simple

Get a real-time glimpse of what our outdoor furniture will look like at your place. Shopping with AR (augmented reality), you can customise and place true-to-scale 3D models of outdoor sofas on your own deck. You can rotate the chairs, tables and outdoor suites, zoom in or out, and make sure what you’re buying suits you and your place perfectly.

AR lets you preview products in your own environment and in your own time before buying. Being able to place and visualise products in your own space takes the guesswork out of buying furniture online. Get answers to key questions like: How big is it? Will this fit in my patio? How will it look?

At Modern Style we make shopping with AR easy

augmented reality explainedHow we live and furnish our homes has become more and more important, especially now that many of us are spending much more time there.

We fully appreciate that some of our customers may feel apprehensive about spending too much time in public while others just really enjoy the convenience of shopping online. So, we’ve decided to bring the in-store experience to them. You can get deeper and more complete information about our outdoor furniture right from your own home, so you can figure out the perfect look.

At Modern Style, the augmented reality (AR) feature on our website means you can look at your home through your phone, with overlaid digital images in place.

Save yourself a trip and place an order online. You can browse through our range online. You can check our outdoor furniture fits in terms of size, style, and colour without having to set foot in one of our showrooms, unless of course you want to.

How does shopping with AR work?

Basically, augmented reality (AR) is computer-generated elements such as graphics and photos of our outdoor furniture, digitally layered on top of your view of the real world. See our outdoor furniture on your deck, patio, in the garden or by the pool.

Point your phone or tablet to any space in your home and then choose the table, chair, sofa or sun-lounger you want to place there. A realistic 3D version of the item is them superimposed into your real-life surrounding and you can play around with it, moving it around to gauge style, fit and size.

AR works on iPhone, iPad and Android smart devices and no special apps are needed. You don’t have to download anything.

AR step by step

  • Select the sofa, table out outdoor lounge suite from the website menu.
  • Scan your space at home and the outdoor furniture you’ve selected will appear on your screen. Using two fingers, you can move it where you want, or swivel it to make sure it’s positioned just right.
  • You can walk around the settings, get a sense of scale, colour and style.

It couldn’t be easier.

Virtual outdoor furniture in your home with the click of a button

augmented reality online shoppingNew products are continually being added. The user-friendly AR website is simple and eliminates the guess work of outdoor furniture shopping.

Try before you buy

Envision our outdoor settings at your place, make it your own, and buy with confidence. The furniture appears on your screen as if the sets are really there and you can walk around them and see them at all angles, so you can fully appreciate our outdoor furniture design and different layout possibilities. Being able to visualise the outdoor furniture in your own home gives you the extra reassurance that you are making the right choice.

You can do it without having to leave home. Shopping online for outdoor furniture is not only fun, but we’ve also made it easy.

Why AR is cool

  • You can view our outdoor furniture sets in your own space
  • You can view our furniture from different sides
  • Get a sense of scale, colour and style
  • Play around with different colours, styles, and patterns
  • See if the furniture fits on your deck without having to break out the measuring tape
  • Move the object around the garden
  • Get a good idea of what your patio or veranda will look like with the new furniture.

One of the main challenges of buying furniture online is trying to visualise what the chairs, tables, sofas or loungers look like in real life. And unlike returning a jacket that doesn’t fit, which is a relatively straightforward process, sending back a big item like an outdoor dining room table can be more difficult.

Modern Style really does help with choosing outdoor furniture

Whether you wish to have your purchase delivered or want to arrange pickup from one of our four easily accessible showrooms, we can service your online orders and deliver full after-sales support.

Why shop with us? Because we’ll make getting the right outdoor furniture to your place easy.


Try it yourself now.

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