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We use Sunbrella fabric for all our outdoor cushions

The outdoor cushions we sell can be left outside

Sunbrella fabrics can easily last up to a decade, twice the lifespan of most other performance fabrics. Cushions made from French Sunbrella® high performance fabric look great all your round, even when they’re left outdoors.

Sunbrella fabric feels like an ordinary cotton fabric, but unlike cotton, your cushions can stay outside in virtually all weather conditions. They can endure both sun and rain.

High performance Sunbrella® fabric is UV, water and mildew resistant, easy to clean and maintain and is great for all furniture, both indoor and outdoor.

What’s not to love?

luxury outdoor furniture cushions
weatherproof outdoor cushions

All-weather cushions for the great outdoors

  • Tired of bringing in your outdoor cushions every time it looks like rain?
  • Tired of forgetting to put your cushions away at night?
  • Tired of looking at piles of outdoor cushions lying around indoors?

With our Sunbrella® cushions on your outdoor furniture you can enjoy your great outdoors without having to worry about fading, mould, racing around taking cushions inside and out, or needing loads of extra cushion storage.



Soft, luxurious outdoor cushions

Sunbrella® has a soft cotton canvas feel, yet it is 100% acrylic, giving excellent abrasion resistance and making it immune to mildew and highly resistant to rot. With Sunbrella® you get the softness and good looks of cotton canvas, with the longevity and fade resistance of an acrylic.

Fade resistant outdoor cushions

Sunbrella® uses a patented ‘fibre colour to the core technology’ which means Sunbrella® cushions do not fade. Traditional dyeing processes only leave colour on the surface of fibres, whereas Sunbrella fibres are saturated to the core with highly UV-stable pigments. This solution dyeing process is the key to locking in colour, easy cleaning and long life. Clever huh!

Water resistant outdoor cushions

Acrylic fabrics, like Sunbrella®, are hydrophobic, which mean they don’t absorb water. So even though it has a ‘cotton-like’ weave, Sunbrella® fabric lets moisture escape and the fabric can breathe. To top things off, a water-repellent finish is applied to the fabric during the finishing process. Sunbrella fabrics will not absorb water and are designed to air dry very quickly.

What is quick dry foam?

Quick Dry Foam is the core foam used inside all our outdoor cushions. Basically, when it rains, water goes through the cushion cover and into the inner cushion. The Quick Dry Foam in the cushion is specifically engineered with large open pores. They allow for maximum water drainage and air circulation and a quick drying process. After being damp, or even saturated, the cushion dries in a relatively short period of time.

Quick Dry Foam is extremely sturdy and durable, with a plush, supportive feel, so our cushions keep their shape, are strong, comfortable, and made to last.

Built in anti-microbial protection in the foam prohibits the growth of mould, mildew and fungus, even when the cushion is allowed to be left outdoors for long periods.

Modern Style Sunbrella® cushions offer the perfect mix of good looks and longevity that will complement your outdoor furniture for years.

  • Mould can grow on any surface that is dirty, so you need to keep your cushions clean. If mould does become a problem, clean your Sunbrella cushions with a weak bleach and water solution of 240 ml of liquid bleach and 60 ml of mild soap to 4 litres of clean water. Spray the solution onto the fabric and allow it to soak in for a short while before rinsing.
  • Sunbrella fabric is water-resistant, but not waterproof. Cushions should be drained by standing the cushions on their edge and allowing the water to drain from the zip area.
  • Most stains can be cleaned and removed using the spot-clean method, using a clean damp rag, and a bit of dishwashing liquid.
  • The cushion covers can also be cleaned with Golden Care Textilene and Wicker Cleaner (available from Modern Style). This is a cleaner for open-woven fabrics and wicker. The cleaner can be sprayed directly onto the furniture and will take effect after 30 seconds. Then remove the dirt with a sponge or soft scourer and rinse with water.

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