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Teak Protector is a modern treatment for teak that is easy to apply and lasts a long time..

The treatment protects your teak and helps teak look great because it helps teak retain the natural warm colour of teak. Teak Protector doesn’t let your teak turn black or gray and lasts the entire season. Plus it provides 100% protection from the sun.

After a Teak Cleaner has been used a Teak Protector can be used to bring the colour back to Teak at Modern Style Outdoor Furniture we recommend Golden Care which we stock the full range.

How is Golden Teak Protector different from normal teak-oil or teak sealer?

Nearly all teak that is treated with normal teak-oil, turns gray in 4 to 8 weeks. After that, the teak needs to be cleaned and oil reapplied. Three or four treatments may be needed to maintain the teak for an entire season, which can be a lot of work. Golden Teak Protector is not an organic product and therefore lasts much, much longer. Golden Teak Protector just brings out the colour of natural, clean teak and maintains it for a long, long time. Most teak sealers contain flammable ingredients that are dangerous for the environment. Soon it will be forbidden in Europe to stock and transport these types of sealers with wood due to the inherent fire hazard. Since Golden Teak Protector is 100% water-based it is naturally non-flammable and completely environment- friendly.

How is Golden Teak Protector different from varnish or coatings?

Surface coatings such as a varnish, do not last forever. Water eventually penetrates the coating, causing cracking and/or peeling. Coatings must be sanded to remove them, which makes maintenance burdensome. Also, teak garden furniture with shiny coatings on the teak doesn’t look natural. Since Golden Teak Protector penetrates into the pores of the teak, it becomes almost invisible: treated and protected teak looks as good as new natural teak.

How does Golden Teak Protector make my life easier?

Golden Teak Protector makes life easier because it preserves teak furniture, is easy to apply, and lasts much longer than ordinary teak sealers or teak-oils. Since Golden Teak Protector penetrates into the teak in less than an hour, your clothes stay clean when sitting on your teak furniture, unlike oil products that may puddle and get on clothes.

How long does Golden Teak Protector last?

Golden Teak Protector generally lasts for the entire season without turning black or gray. The duration depends upon factors such as exposure to the sun, humidity, rain, the age of the teak, and some other factors. Golden Teak Protector is water-based.

Does this mean that this product will dry very slowly?

Although Golden Teak Protector is water-based it dries quickly. This means that furniture can be used within a few hours.

Does the Golden Teak Protector affect pavement and/or grass and plants?

Golden Teak Protector may affect grass, plants and some types of pavements. We recommend covering the work area with a disposable piece of plastic.

What will happen if you put a paste wax after treating teak with Protector?

When Golden Teak Protector is completely dry, it will not react with water- based waxes. Only when solvents are present in the wax (e.g. acetone) some weakening and dissolving may occur.

I understand that Golden Teak Protector provides protection against Teak discoloration, however does it seal the wood and/or provide protection against water stains, food stains, oil stains etc.?

Golden Teak Protector seals the wood and provides some protection, but not in such a way that on the long term food or oil are unable to penetrate. This type of protection requires the use of Golden Teak Shield.

Does Golden Teak Protector alter the color of new Teak after application?

Unlike oils and sealers, Golden Teak Protector hardly changes the color of the teak after application. Teak-oils and/or sealers typically change the color of teak to a darker brown or reddish orange tint. Golden Teak Protector reinforces the golden/honey color and gives a beautiful end-result.

If you do not recommend a spray or sponge application, what is the preferred way to apply Teak Protector?

We recommend using a dust free cloth to apply a thin layer. Using a sponge or spray may result in overuse of the Protector which could result in slight cracking and/or blistering.

If I used Golden Teak Protector and decide that I do not like it, how can I remove it?

The best way to completely remove Golden Teak Protector is to completely sandpaper the teak, which can be rather time-consuming. We recommend using Golden Teak Protector on a small area first such as the back of a leg to judge if the treatment meets your expectations.

Does Golden Teak Protector react with teak-oils and/or Sealers?

To use Golden Teak Protector on oil-treated wood, it should first be cleaned with Golden Teak Cleaner. Golden Teak Protector should never be applied directly to oiled teak, because it will “react” with the oil. This can result in severe discoloration.

Can I apply Golden Teak Protector when there’s sawdust from sanding on my teak?

You can, but it can leave the surface a bit rough resulting in a less appealing finish. We recommend removing the sawdust with a dry, rough cleaning sponge prior to treatment with Golden Teak Protector.

Why does teak sometimes turns black or dark gray?

The black spots on teak are commonly mistaken for dirt getting stuck in the wood. However, the black spots on teak are actually mould and mildew which are growing in the wood and teak oil which was baked by the sun. Golden Teak Cleaner will remove any mould and mildew that may have accumulated. However, if teak-oil is used again the problem is likely to reoccur as the mould and mildew will have food again! Teak becomes gray because of Ultra-Violet rays from the sun. This process can be prevented by treating teak with Golden Teak Protector, which contains unique, expensive UV absorbers and reflectors.

Does Golden Teak Protector affect aluminum, brass or sling parts of the furniture?

Golden Teak Protector does not affect aluminum, brass or sling. However, to keep these materials clean, it is best you prevent contact with Teak Protector. If these parts come in contact with Protector they can be cleaned with water while the Protector is still wet.

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