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Sunbrella® is an outdoor fabric which is well recognised and has a fine reputation for its water repellency as well as fade resisting qualities. UV stable pigments offer protection for, mould, mildew and is also stain resistant. Compared to other outdoor textile fabrics, Sunbrella is longer lasting, is easier to clean and maintain. The durability of Sunbrella ensures that it will endure sun and extreme weather.


Sunbrella fabric is a 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric. Sunbrella does not fade. The patented fibres use colour to the core technology. With new colouring methods this has allowed Sunbrella to be the most desired fabric for outdoor use. Colours are integral to the fibres themselves, another benefit is that it is tear resistant. The soft weave is extremely durable and especially good for all outdoor use.

Sunbrella will last ten times longer than cotton outdoor fabrics and is a long lasting fabric material for all outdoor furniture, including outdoor cushions. Moisture resistant, Sunbrella does not fade.

Even when the outermost colour layers are damaged by sunlight, the true colours of the fibre will continue to show through. Sunbrella is engineered to be soft and comfortable to the touch.

Eco Friendly

Sunbrella is eco-friendly and remarkably breathable. The fabric is produced with best practice, creating a minimal environmental impact. There is no water wastage in the manufacture of Sunbrella fabrics.

The fabric itself is produced in accordance with manufacturing best practices for efficiency and with minimal environmental impact. Significantly, there is no water wasted in the colour saturation process. The colouring process drastically reduces water consumption and energy consumption, all the while avoiding the devastating
effects with which traditional dying processes are commonly associated with.


Sunbrella fabric carries a 5 year manufacturers guarantee. This warranty protects the purchaser from the date of purchase of Sunbrella fabric against becoming unserviceable due to colour or strength loss from normal usage and exposure to a large range of conditions, including sunlight, mildew, mould and atmospheric chemicals. You can be confident when choosing Sunbrella fabric that this has the best backed warranty regarding fabric for outdoor use.
There are so many benefits when you choose our outdoor furniture with Sunbrella fabrics. You can feel comfortable in the knowledge that you have the finest product in your furniture and with ultimate peace of mind.