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If you love your Ooni pizza oven and have turned out many delicious pizzas but want recipe ideas for what to cook in a pizza oven apart from pizzas, or you’re wondering what other types of foods you can cook in your Ooni pizza oven besides pizza before you buy one, then read on!

Here are four main dishes you can cook in a portable gas pizza oven that aren’t pizza, and it could be argued they are even yummier.

Salmon Filet

Because salmon does well with high-heat cooking, you can easily cook a salmon filet on a cast iron skillet in your Ooni pizza oven.

Firstly, you need to wait until the oven is at least 260°C. Then, place a small, oiled, cast-iron skillet onto the pizza stone.

Once the pan is heated up and the oil is sizzling, remove the pan and place a salmon filet (any size) with the skin side down. Top off the salmon with a few pinches of salt, or soya sauce, the juice from half a lemon, 3-5 pats of butter, and a couple of lemon slices. Slide the skillet back onto the hot pizza stone and let the salmon cook until it reaches an internal temperature of 60°C.

Once your salmon is ready to go, remove from the oven, let it rest, and enjoy!


Steaks are also cooked at high temperatures which means they are great to cook in an Ooni pizza oven. You can even cook one large steak, or two small steaks at once.

For thick-cut steaks, bring them up to room temperature and prepare them with a generous amount of salt and pepper on each side. Then bring your Ooni pizza oven up to a very high heat – aim for a stone temperature of about 482°C.

Grease a cast iron skillet with a little bit of vegetable oil and let it preheat on the stone for 5-10 minutes. When the oil is sizzling place one or two steaks into the pan and slide back into the oven.

Cook the steaks for about 90 seconds to two minutes on each side, depending on how you prefer your meat. Remove the steaks when they have reached your desired doneness and let them rest for a few minutes on a cutting board before serving.

Marinated Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs are delicious when cooked with high heat and, unlike chicken breasts, they are quite forgiving. Marinated chicken thighs are hard to overcook and amazing to cook in an Ooni pizza oven.

Marinate five to six bone-in or boneless chicken thighs in your marinade of choice. Once marinated, place the thighs into a cold, greased, cast iron skillet and get your pizza oven up to about 482°C.

Place your cast iron skillet onto the pizza stone. and cook for about 2-3 minutes on the first side. Then, flip and cook for another two minutes on the other side. Remove the chicken and look for an internal temperature of about 77°C. Cook longer if necessary; the cooking time will depend on the thickness and size of your chicken thighs. Enjoy!

Marinated Shrimp

Shrimp cooks beautifully in a cast iron skillet in an Ooni pizza oven. Simply marinate raw shrimp with the seasonings of your choice, cook them for a few minutes per side on medium-high heat, and start gobbling.

While the shrimp is marinating, preheat your Ooni as hot as it will go – up to about 480°C. After the oven is at temperature, preheat your cast iron pan on the pizza stone for five minutes.

Cook the shrimp with a rolling flame for about two minutes. Rotate and cook them again for another minute or two on the other side. When cooked to your liking, remove from the oven and serve while still sizzling.

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