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Why Choose Aluminium Outdoor Furniture?

Whether it’s for relaxing, dining or general outdoor entertaining, aluminium outdoor furniture is easy to move and style, is able to withstand the weather, does not rust, is practical when it comes to cleaning and is very well priced.

You can have style and quality at an affordable price. At Modern Style Furniture we offer the highest quality aluminium outdoor furniture to suit a variety of tastes and preferences.

aluminium outdoor dining table and chairs

All-round great outdoor furniture

Aluminium is the ideal material for stylish, lightweight, and long-lasting outdoor furniture and is available in outdoor modular lounges, garden furniture, sun loungers, outdoor chairs, side tables and full outdoor dining settings. Let’s look at some reasons why buying aluminium could be a perfect decision for you.

Long-lasting outdoor furniture

Powder-coated aluminium furniture is very popular due to its resistance to corrosion and because it doesn’t tend to show age over time. This is because aluminium is inherently rustproof. When exposed to the elements, aluminium develops a microscopic layer of oxide on its exterior. It’s this oxide layer that acts as a barrier to protect the metal from further damage and prevents it from corroding.

Powder-coated aluminium not only looks great, but it also gives the metal additional strength, so it outperforms basic sprayed-on coatings when it comes to durability and longevity. However, you need to be confident that the powder-coating is good quality. Buy from Modern Style Furniture and you will be buying quality. We don’t sell poor quality powder-coating, as it can flake and go powdery.

Low-maintenance outdoor furniture

When you’re choosing which outdoor furniture you want for your place, knowing what sort of maintenance is needed to keep it looking sharp is key. This is particularly important if you’re intending to leave your outdoor suite out in the elements over winter.

Beyond a periodic wash down with soapy water, aluminium furniture needs very little maintenance. You can hose down your aluminium furniture – it won’t damage the surface – but avoid using a high-pressure water blaster as it could damage the furniture’s finish.

Dirt and salts can build up on the surface over but don’t scrape or rub the aluminium coating with anything abrasive as this could damage it. You can add vinegar or lemon juice to your water bucket, but stay away from any ammonia, bleach or soda-based products.

To further protect your aluminium outdoor furniture and keep it looking new after cleaning, wipe the surface with a little car wax or baby oil on a dry cloth as this will help give the surface a wonderful shine.

Easy to move and store

Aluminium outdoor furniture is also very lightweight. You can move the chairs, tables and sofas around to suit each gathering or rearrange the furniture whenever you wish to update your outdoor spaces. For those who choose to move their outdoor furniture setting into storage over winter, the weight makes them easy to lift and stack.

Shop online for some of the best deals on aluminium outdoor furniture or visit our showrooms in Auckland, Hamilton,Tauranga or Christchurch. If you do buy online, we can deliver your furniture directly to you, or you can pick your it up from our showrooms.

When you purchase aluminium outdoor furniture from us, you can be confident you’re making a purchase that will last for years to come.

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