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Outdoor wooden furniture offers timeless elegance and is a great choice for your garden, deck or patio. At Modern Style, we have a beautiful range of sophisticated outdoor wooden lounge suites and dining sets together with practical coffee tables to give you everything you need to relax in style.

Thinking about teak outdoor furniture …

If you are looking for furniture for your great outdoors, you’ve probably considering a teak table, chairs, sofa, or corner setting. Teak is one of our most popular materials for outdoor furniture, offering timeless elegance. Beautiful, long-lasting, and naturally weather resistant, it ticks all the boxes, and our stylish outdoor sets will be the centre of many a social gathering at your home

Why buy teak furniture in NZ?


Teak is one of the strongest and most durable hardwoods. Because of its high natural oil content and the tight wood grain, it stands up well to both as rain and sun. The oils repel water making the furniture less likely to crack or warp. The natural oils also protect against water damage and insects. We have personally designed, manufactured, and directly sourced our tables, chairs, sofas and corner sets, and guarantee that given the proper care, they will last for years. For even more peace of mind, our teak frames come with a 5-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.


We have a range of gorgeous tables, bench seats, chairs, coffee tables and sun lounges all made using teak. Teak furniture can be cleaned and sealed to maintain its natural colour or weathered to fade to a beautiful silvery grey. It can also be painted, stained, waxed or varnished depending on the style of the furniture and your individual taste preferences.


Teak is a naturally beautiful timber with golden-brown tones and tight, typically straight, grain and varying textures.

Left to naturally weather, teak will turn into a silvery grey. If you wish to maintain teak’s natural warm brown tones, you’ll need to oil your furniture once or twice a year to preserve the colour. All oils are not created equal, so talk to us about the best products to take care of your teak furniture.

Teak can be left uncovered outdoors. It will just require a general brush down and clean with a mild soap and water solution to remove the dust, dirt, or other stains. If you’re having trouble with tough stains, such as grease, you can use a teak cleaner to help lift grease stains and leave the wood looking good as new.


One of the most superior performing timbers, you won’t have to replace teak outdoor furniture as early as many other inferior timber pieces, so it is well worth the investment.


Teak is sustainably farmed and harvested on plantations. Modern Style Outdoor Furniture is proud to offer a selection of recycled, teak and certified teak from a plantation that has been proven to follow stringent requirements in growth, harvesting, and dealing with employees. Our LIFE Outdoor Living range is made from recycled teak, so you can feel good that you are reusing precious wood and doing your bit to help the environment.

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Buying teak outdoor furniture in NZ

We have outdoor furniture showrooms in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, and Christchurch where you can see the quality of our teak furniture.

If you cannot get to one of our showrooms, you can still shop for our beautiful range of outdoor furniture in New Zealand. You can buy outdoor furniture online and Modern Style can deliver anywhere in New Zealand, or you can choose to pick up your purchases from one of our showrooms.

Do you love luxury, a rustic feel, or a minimalist style? Teak furniture comes in all different styles and has its own charm and characteristics. Let Modern Style outfit your outdoor space.

When you purchase teak outdoor furniture from us, you can be confident you’re making a purchase that will last for years to come.