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Wicker Outdoor Furniture NZ

Creating your perfect outdoor space can be hard work. You need an eye for colour and space and potentially a lot of perseverance to keep your beds and lawns tidy and beautiful. It can only get more difficult if you end up buying cheap, flimsy and easy wearing garden furniture. That’s why you should always look for quality first and foremost.


Take a look at our wicker outdoor furniture range.

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If you’ve worked hard on creating a beautiful outdoor space, you’ll want to make the most of it. There’s nothing finer than taking in the sun or sitting out under the stars on a beautiful afternoon or evening.  But this peace can be ruined if you end up buying cheap, tacky plastic furniture which can bend or break easily. If you want something with better quality that is going to last you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Try Our High-Quality Wicker Outdoor Furniture

We’re pleased to offer some of the highest quality, hardest wearing and most elegant wicker outdoor furniture in NZ. Since 2011 we’ve been designing, manufacturing and sourcing great outdoor pieces and have been pleased to see our customer base grow and grow. We’ve got showrooms all across the nation, you can now buy outdoor furniture in AucklandTaurangaChristchurch and we’re happy to deliver right to your doorstep too!

See Why Wicker Furniture is so Popular in New Zealand

We’re pleased to offer all kinds of outside furniture and tech, but there is something special about wicker outdoor furniture in particular that makes it fit right in with outdoor spaces. Whatever colour it is finished in, whatever shape,  it always looks like a natural part of the garden. The way it is constructed means it can be used for all kinds of different furniture as well, and you’ll find we have a whole host of different products on sale.

Whether it’s one of our high backed chairs, corners or a full outdoor lounge suites, you’ll find our wicker furniture is:

  • Attractive
  • Durable
  • Weather Resistant
  • Low Maintenance

As well as being incredibly strong and durable it is also incredibly lightweight. This means you don’t have to spend half a day moving it around to find the right position, nor will have to worry about dropping it on your foot!

The Best Choice for Wicker Outdoor Furniture in NZ

As a leading supplier and designer of outdoor furniture in New Zealand, we are passionate about the latest trends and fashions in the nation’s gardens. You’ll find our website is full of useful information and advice on how to keep your outdoor space looking and feeling inviting. We love to find out about innovations and new ideas and we’re only too happy to pass these insights on to you! It also means that our products are the very highest quality with incredible durability.

When you buy wicker outdoor furniture from us, whether it’s online or at one of our showrooms we offer you:

  • Home delivery or pickup from our one of our stores
  • Secure payments online
  • Returns or repairs for defective items (very rare!)

We also want to keep you updated regularly on our offers, so when you register an account with us, we’ll send exclusive offers on our products!

Get in Touch for Our Offers on Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Check out our website and social media account to get a flavour of our offer. If you are looking for ideas or something specific then please don’t hesitate to get in contact. We’re always happy to offer advice, have a chat about what might fit your space or even maintenance tips.

We like to think our products speak for themselves but if you’re still not sure then we’re pleased to share our reviews on social media, including Instagram and Pinterest. When you’re ready to shop wicker outdoor furniture it’s as simple as the click of a button, but we’re always ready to take queries over the phone, email or in-person as well.