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Your Guide To Buying and Caring For Wood Outdoor Furniture

The beauty of wood lies in its unique grain and colouring, giving it an alluring warmth, well we think so anyhow. When correctly cared for, wooden patio furniture will last through decades of moderate to heavy use.

Here at Modern Style Outdoor Furniture, we have wooden furniture styles as diverse as our customers. From large outdoor dining tables to deep seating sets, we have wooden patio to suit every family and home.

Types of Wood Outdoor Furniture

Not all wood is suitable for outdoor furniture; many types simply can’t withstand the moisture, temperature fluctuation, sun, and wind outdoor furniture is exposed to. Which is why the Modern Style Outdoor Furniture designers use teak exclusively in our wood outdoor furniture.

Unrivalled in its strength and durability, this timber is beautiful, developing a lovely grey patina over time.

Block Teak Sunbrella outdoor furniture

A great addition to any patio, garden, or poolside area, our high-quality teak furniture is well-suited to the New Zealand climate. We have personally designed, manufactured, and directly sourced our tables, chairs and corner sets, and guarantee that given the proper care, they will last for years.

Bring Our Wood Outdoor Furniture Inside

Much of our teak outdoor furniture can also be used indoors. The lounge and dining suites look fabulous in sunrooms, conservatories, rumpus rooms and lounges. In fact, if your home gets a lot of direct sunlight, wooden patio furniture and outdoor performance fabrics might be a very sensible choice, as they are more heat- and fade-resistant than your standard indoor furniture and upholstery.

Create a cohesive look. Treat your patio as an extension of your living or dining room, taking the interior colours, finishes and fabrics into the outdoor areas. Because wooden furniture provides a neutral palette, it provides the perfect opportunity to play with colour using a variety of different hues and prints, outdoor pillows, throw blankets, candles, lanterns, outdoor area rugs, and other easy-to-move patio accessories.

Taking Care of Your Teak Outdoor Furniture

Over time, as natural teak is exposed to the elements, it gradually changes colour from the honey colour of new teak to a silver-grey patina which distinguishes finely aged, outdoor teak. Forgiving in damp climates, teak is ideal for coastal homes or and New Zealand with our high humidity and / or rainfall.

  • Teak furniture is virtually maintenance-free.
  • Teak outdoor furniture can remain outdoors all year round, regardless of the weather or climate.
  • It is less susceptible to sun damage
  • It’s naturally resistant to decay and rot.

Care and Cleaning of Teak Patio Furniture 101

There are several ways to maintain teak, but we suggest you treat your wooden furniture with Golden Care Teak Shield. This product repels moisture and guarantees the typical light-grey patina of your furniture for a long time. It also helps to prevent stains caused by food and drinks.

If your teak furniture is brand new, allow the tables, chairs and sofas to weather outdoors for a couple of weeks before applying Teak Shield. Treating your furniture with Golden Teak Shield once a year is usually sufficient.

Regular maintenance is important to the preservation of wooden patio furniture. When accidents occur, promptly clean dirt and stains to prevent additional damage. For everyday spills, Golden Care Teak Cleaner is a great place to start. Golden Teak Cleaner is specifically designed to kill mould and mildew spores. Simply follow the directions on the bottle and all will be restored.


Let Modern Style outfit your outdoor space with the teak furniture that will look great

We would love to see you in one of our four showrooms, so we can help you choose. A member of our team can help you to find an outdoor set that fits both your space and lifestyle.

You can also shop online from anywhere. We can have your outdoor furniture delivered to your place or to any of our four showrooms. When you purchase teak furniture from Modern Style, you can be confident you’re making a gorgeous purchase that will you just love and that will last for years to come.